Recordings to Go


For recording on location at your concert or rehearsal venue, we offer a variety of stereo microphone configurations that can be suited to your particular setting.


For intimate indoor settings, our preferred system includes a pair of mini omnidirectional microphones mounted on a Jecklin disk, yielding life-like binaural recordings, as your ears hear.


For capturing ensembles of diverse sizes as well as a sense of performance space and audience response, in acoustically well-designed halls we use a spaced pair of omnidirectional microphones (A/B).


For recording ensembles in less-than-perfect spaces including the outdoors and to reduce ambient noise, we use a coincidental pair of directional microphones (X/Y).


These stereo recording set-ups all employ lightweight rigs that require no external power. 


On-site recording gear includes matched pairs of microphones:  Core Sound DPA mini (omnidirectional), Neumann KM183 (omnidirectional), Miktek C5 (directional/cardioid), or AKG C414 (switchable pattern), coupled with preamps and high resolution digital audio recorder by Sound Devices.


Detailed audio editing, mastering, media production, and duplication are available.  Additionally, rough, synched audio/video recordings are available.