Concerts to Go

Imagine a live music concert staged in a beautiful outdoor location of your choosing.


For outdoor concerts featuring acoustic ensembles - bluegrass bands and folk ensembles,

jazz ensembles and combos, brass, woodwind, or string quartets/quintets, string orchestras, brass bands, wind bands, percussion ensembles, what-have-you, we have an acoustic shell to visually and aurally present them.  The Saddlespan canopy design is a portable solution to having well-focused, projected sound anywhere.


Depending on the setting, as needed, the natural performance sound can be amplified using Miktek C5 microphones and Bose L-1 and F-1 speaker systems, powered cleanly and silently by Goal Zero Yeti 1250 and 1400 Lithium Power Stations.


If you already have an outdoor performance space – a gazebo, a stage, a band shell, or a spot on the green, we can provide amplification for you, with or without an electrical outlet.


On-site audio/video recordings are available.