Brownsville Gatherings

We love to spend time with our family, friends, and community, providing music for diverse gatherings and celebrations year-round at our many beautiful outdoor locations:  for skating parties with bonfires, movie nights under the stars, open air dances, and Umbrella Concerts at the School; for Winterfest on the slopes and Independence Day concerts and fireworks on the side of the Mountain.


To provide high fidelity music virtually anywhere, we have combined clean and silent, off-grid power sources with great audio gear.  Our sound truck pairs Goal Zero Yeti 1250 and 1400 Lithium Power Stations with Bose L-1 and F-1 speaker systems, for hours of 360 degree, full-fidelity sound.  You supply the playlist or we will supply it for you - and the hills are alive with the sound of music!

Always observing consideration for our neighbors, event scheduling and sound levels generated strictly comply with local ordinances.